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L'École Supérieure de Ballet du Québec

Living my dream!
Since July 2017, I have trained full time at
L'Ecole Superiure de Ballet du Quebec (ESBQ)
and absolutely loving it!

ESBQ is one of Canada's top professional ballet schools and is located in Montreal. 

As with any residential training program, it is expensive!

 In 2021, I have raised 7.5%  , only $18,500 to go.

My ballet dream would not be possible without the support from so many people. 

Words alone cannot express my  gratitude.

Thank you to everyone who has me since 2015. 


This is now my second full year living away from home to attend professional ballet school.

I am currently preparing for a classical ballet dance competition and my March 6th showcase back home.

30 hours per week we train in ballet.

40 hours a week I study.

My academic school and ballet training are all in french. This is a challenge especially since  I only attended English schools from JK to grade eight.


Read more about my journey in my blog 

 Dancing professionally is my dream!

When I was little, I would write Santa, The Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy  asking for more dance classes.

To date I have danced at three professional ballet schools.

Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet School summer of 2016 dancing 6 days a week. I learning more of the Russian style ballet and lived with my four roommates.

National Ballet School summer 2015, I attended the four weeks intensive ballet training in Toronto dancing five days a week. It was so exciting, they put me on point for the first time and I had the best roommate from California who is a very talented hard working dancer.

Please continue to support my ballet dream. 

 Thank you again!  




My New Go Fund Me page is

Leela's Ballet Dream

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